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Posted on: June 2, 2008 7:54 am

Elite XC, a mockery of MMA

If anyone watched the Elite XC card on Saturday night, you probably had the feeling of deja vu.  You weren't going back to a time when you were watching quality athletes representing the sport of MMA proudly, but instead, to a time when you were watching a horrible boxing promotion.  From the hype dancers, to the Hip Hop performance on the ramp, to the events of the fights themselves, it was a disgusting display that mirrored a corrupt boxing promotion.  Let's keep a couple of key points in mind.  The guy who won the first fight, actually beat  the guy who was in the Main Event (can you say set up to keep your cash cow undefeated.)   The cash cow, Kimbo Slice, then went out and almost lost the fight.  If it hadn't been for a horrible cauliflower ear (which was probably the most entertaining part of the night,) the cardio-machine Slice would have gassed before the end of the fight.  The girl who won her fight missed weight by 4.5 pounds.  The best fight of the night was stopped due to someone getting poked in the eye, while he plead for his 5 minutes of injury time.  All in all, the whole thing was disgusting.  I'm sure Dana White had mixed emotions about this one.  He was probably disgusted and embarrassed by the whole thing, while laughing his ass off, at the stupidity that was presented on Saturday night.  Way to go Elite XC, now go away. 
Posted on: May 30, 2008 10:50 am

Kimbo Slice is a Piece of Trash

With the upcoming Elite XC card just days away, it's time for more people to step up and speak out about Kimbo Slice. Dana White has worked diligently to bring respect and consistency to the sport of MMA. He doesn't put up with any crap and ensures that the people participating in the sport respect it and represent it well. In a move that works to destroy everything he has worked so hard to do, CBS is airing a card being headlined by a street fighter named Kimbo Slice. This thug has no MMA skills and is simply a brawler who's claim to fame is fighting for $20 dollar bills in a high school gym (and losing.) ESPN has picked this guy's story up and tried to glamorize it, but the fact remains that he is not a legitimate Mixed Martial Artist, just a puncher. I believe Dana said it best, when he offered to put B.J. Penn up against him and of course, BJ would destroy him. I really hope that the Elite XC show does well this weekend, so MMA and mainly UFC can make it into our prime time television viewing, but I hope it's for the fighters on the card, who respect the sport and do it well, not for some gang banger who belongs in jail.
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